Can A Client Message Before Requesting A Quote?

Certain clients can send Venues messages before requesting a quote. Clients can only message a venue before requesting a quote if they meet the following requirements:

  • Client is booking a social, non-corporate event
  • Client is booking a corporate event whose event is more than 3 weeks away

Clients cannot message a venue before requesting a quote if they are a short-term corporate client, meaning they are booking a corporate event that is less than three weeks away from the request-a-quote date. 

When a client messages a venue before requesting a quote, it will still show up on the Dashboard like a new lead. The only difference is that the call to action will be to "Respond" instead of Accept or Decline.




Once you respond to the message, you still have to Accept or Decline the Lead. This can be done by clicking "Create Event" to go forward with building the proposal, or "Decline" if the event is not a good fit.

Important note: Responding to the message does not mean you don't have to Accept or Decline the Lead! After responding to the message you will still have to either Accept or Decline the lead or else the lead will disappear and your VenueBook score will decrease.




This only qualifies for leads that come through, not the embedded form.





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