What Are Hot and Cold Leads?

Leads that come through will now be ranked on how likely they are to book! Now in the event file Quickview, you can view whether a lead is hot, cold, or warm by viewing the numeric score in the top right corner.


You will also notice that next to your leads on the Dashboard, there may be a red or orange dot, indicating a hot or warm lead. If you hover your curser over the red dot, you can see a description what a "hot" or "warm" lead means.


Here is a grading rubric explaining what qualifies as a hot, warm, or cold lead:

  • 0-65: cold
  • 65-80: warm
  • 80-90: hot

Corporate leads score higher than social leads, budgets that are above or equal to your set minimum will score higher than budgets that are less than your minimum, and events that are very close to the booking date will score higher than venues that aren't taking place for a few months.

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