How do I add/adjust my Financial Settings (Taxes, Fees, Defaulted Deposit)?

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Service fees, taxes and fees will vary from venue to venue. When creating and managing various financial settings that apply to your venue, you may name it what you like and have them appear in the Proposal/Contract of your Event File as the default settings. With each tax and fee, you will select what they apply too: Food, Beverage, Space, or Other. Here are the types of taxes and fees:

  • Taxable: Any fee where a tax should be calculated. This includes, but is not limited to: administrative, operational, or service fees. We offer the ability to add multiple taxable fees.

Please Note - Taxes only apply if both the fee and the tax are set to apply to the category. For example, if a Service Fee is setup to calculate on the Food & Beverage categories, but taxes are not applicable to Beverage, then only the Service Fee for Food will later be taxed.

  • Non-taxable: Any fee where tax is not calculated, such as a Service Fee.
  • Tax: Any tax that is dictated by the tax code of your city or state. You may add multple taxes without combining them

To adjust taxes, fees and deposit:

  • Access the Dashboard
  • Select your Venue Name
  • Select the Financial Settings button under Management Tools in the right sidebar
  • Select the +ADD FEE, +ADD DEPOSIT  or the pencil icon to edit  the appropriate field - Taxable, Non-taxable, Taxes, Defaulted Payments.
  • Enter or edit the name, percentage. 
  • When adding/editing fees you will also need to select whether it is optional or not. For all taxes and fees you will need to select the categories on which they will calculate. 
  • Select save.

Please note,  This will only impact Event Files created after the changes/additions have been made. Read an article about Coding in the Menu Editor and how it relates to your Taxes & Fees


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