How do I edit/add my Defaulted Legal Template

All of your legal terms can be entered in as many different templates/formats as needed for your venue. These will appear as drop downs for you to add to your proposals/contracts for the Client. To edit your legal template:

  • Access the VenueBook Dashboard
  • Select your venue name from the left sidebar.
  • Select the ‘Legal documents’ tab. From here, you can add or edit your legal documents.
  • Select the ‘add document’ button.
  • Name your new template by entering it in the Template name field. You can also select if you want this to default on all proposals by selecting the ‘is default legal template’ checkbox.
  • To add terms and conditions, select the +add button on the right hand side.
  • To require initials, select the pencil icon next to each section name, and then select "Require Initials."
  • Write or copy & paste the language.
  • Click the update button.
  • Save

Please note, You will now have access to the updated terms in all NEW Proposals going forward.


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