What is a Lead?

A VenueBook lead is an inquiry sent to you from Bookers are taken through a short series of questions that answer basics regarding their potential event, and that information flows into your VenueBook Dashboard. You have 3 business days to Accept or Decline a Lead before the Lead expires.


Embedded form leads come from an installed embedded form which is available for Pro users. Different types of leads can be identified via a color-coded key. There are three types of leads for pro users: VenueBook, ExpressBook, Embedded.

Pro Users can only "Accept" embedded form leads - they cannot decline these leads; embedded leads also never expire. To "cancel" an embedded lead a user needs to accept the lead then go through normal procedure of canceling an event. We do NOT send an email when an embedded form lead is accepted.

Additionally, VenueBook will send e-mail notifications of each VenueBook Lead, as well as e-mail reminders the day before the Lead expires. If you are a pro venue, each user will need to enable this feature in the Preferences section. If you are a lite venue, these e-mails will be sent automatically.

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