How Do I Respond to an ExpressBook Lead?

Upon receiving an ExpressBook lead, you have 3 business days to take one of two possible actions: Review & Accept or Review, Revise, Sign & Send. Failure to do so will cause the ExpressBook to expire and be removed from your DashBoard. 

  • Login to VenueBook
  • Select the ExpressBook lead on your Dashboard
  • Select Review & Accept



  • Review the client's proposed event details. If they are suitable, select Accept. The client will be notified, and have the opportunity for a final review so that they can digitally sign and pay their 50% deposit
  • If you need to make some revisions, select Revise Proposal
  • Make the desired edits
  • Select Sign & Send Current Proposal
  • The client will receive the updated proposal for their review



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