How do I assign a task?

All task are related to a specific Event File. There are several ways in which to create and assign one.

To create and assign a task to yourself on the Dashboard or Events page

  • Select the Event File for which you would like to add a task.
  • On the right hand in formation bar, select Task & Notes.
  • Select +Add a task.
  • Enter the the task description.
  • Select a due date.
  • The task will automatically be signed to you and will appear on the Tasks page.

To create and assign a task to another member of your team

  • Select the Event File with which the new task pertains.
  • Select the Overview tab.
  • Select Tasks.
  • Enter the task description.
  • Choose an Assignee.
  • Select a due date.
  • Select +Add Task.


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