How can I set myself up for payment processing (Pro)?

 One of the many features VenueBook offers is the ability for your clients to process payments directly through our site to remit deposits and final payments for events. This feature is also required for you to offer ExpressBook packages.


STRIPE  This is the quickest and easiest way to implement payment processing and enable the ability to accept payments. Stripe is integrated directly into the VenueBook system so you can be connected instantly. You will also have secure visibility into all transactions via your own Stripe dashboard.  The fees for this account are 2.9% plus a .30 cent per transaction fee.

To set up your Stripe account:

  • Log into your Venuebook account.
  • Select the ’Venues’ tab
  • Select  ‘Connect Payment.
  • Enter the information requested by STRIPE
  • Select Authorize.

Upon completion of the Stripe application you will be ready to accept payments!


Click here to connect now!

Why do I need a Stripe account?




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