If you are able to accept payments through VenueBook and currently use another POS system..


**Before moving forward, you need to install two buttons on your POS system. ‘REDEEM DEPOSIT’ and  ‘VENUEBOOK HOUSE ACCOUNT’. Please contact your POS provider if you do not know how to install new tender buttons. **



Most of your clients will be putting down their deposit or credit card information via their Event File within VenueBook. You won’t have access to the full credit card number if your client requests to use the credit card on file for the final payment because we here at Venuebook are PCI compliant and always maintain a secure environment to process credit cards, however you will still be able to process the payment. 

  • All food, beverage, incidentals and guests to be entered into the POS system in accordance with the way you typically run event final bills.
  • The deposit, if ran  initially through the POS system should close out to the ‘‘Redeem Deposit’ button. This should be redeemed as you have done in the past.
  • Once all this is taken care of, admin fees and gratuities are added, then simply close to the ‘VenueBook House Account’.
  • Print the receipts for the VM to reconcile with the VB platform and run the final bill in VenueBook.
  • After the event occurs, refer to the itemized receipt from the POS and reconcile it to VenueBook.
  • Go to the Proposal tab and add any food, beverage, or other incremental charges that may have occurred during the event.
  • Make sure that the VenueBook House Account $ amount matches the ‘balance outstanding.’
  • Select the Gear next to the ‘Balance Outstanding’. A new window will display with the remaining balance.
  • Select the credit card from the drop down or enter a new credit card.
  • Add any necessary notes in the Notes field.
  • Select the Charge Final Bill button.


Please note : If your client would prefer to use a different card for the final payment you need to make sure that you have the new card entered into the Venuebook platform prior to the day/night of the event.

Your outstanding balance should be $0.  The best thing about VenueBook is that whatever you do on your end, the system automatically updates on the client's portal.  All they need to do is log into the platform to see the Final Bill for the itemized receipt and the Payments tab to see the transaction.

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