If you are able to accept payment through VenueBook and are using VenueBook as your main POS system...

Most of your clients will be putting down their deposit or credit card information via their Event File within VenueBook. If your client requests to use the credit card on file for the final payment, you are able to but won’t have access to the full credit card number. We here at Venuebook are PCI compliant and always maintain a secure environment to process credit cards.

  1. Go to the Proposal tab and add any food, beverage, or other incremental charges that may have occurred during the event.
  2. Select the Gear next to the ‘Balance Outstanding’. A new window will display with the remaining balance.
  3. Select the credit card from the drop down or enter a new credit card.
  4. Add any necessary notes in the Notes field.
  5. Select the Charge Final Bill button.
    • Please note: If you are not charging the Final Bill in VenueBook, you will have to manually schedule a Final Bill payment and then add a received final bill payment.


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