If you are unable or choose not to accept payments through VenueBook...

If client has opted to pay off-line either by a wire transfer, check, credit card which was handed to the Venue Manager the night of the event (or before if paying upfront), the event bill will still need to be entered in your POS system as usual.  However, you will have to close out the Final Bill a little differently. You will process all of the above the way you normally do and then just make sure that you track this information in the VenueBook Platform so your event is fully up to date with Payments.

    • To Reconcile the Final bill for an offline payment:

      1. Go to the Proposal tab and add any food, beverage, or other incremental charges that may have occurred during the event.
      2. To receive an offline payment:
        • Select the add button next to the Payment section.
        • Select the received payment drop down.
        • Enter the date, amount, type, what the payment is for, and upload a receipt (if available).
        • Select save.

Your outstanding balance should be $0.  The best thing about VenueBook is that whatever you do on your end, the system automatically updates on the client's portal.  All they need to do is log into the platform to see the Final Bill for the itemized receipt and the Payments tab to see the transaction.

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