Where can I edit the Master BEO templates?

The Master beo templates can be edited in the BEO editor. Please note that any templates edited here will only affect new event files.

    • Click on the venue for which you would like to edit the BEO
    • You are now  in the Venue Management screen
    • On the right hand sign there is a white bar with your Venue Management Tools, click on the BEO Editor, 4th down from the top (if you don’t have payment processing, 5th down if you do)
    • To edit a BEO template click on the pencil icon associated with that BEO
    • To default a BEO to your event files click the appropriate check box under “Use on New Events”
      • Please note that a maximum of 3 BEO’s can default to the event file
      • New default setting will only impact events created after the change
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