What are price rules?

A Price Rule determines how a Line Item calculates cost when pulled into the Event Details section of a Proposal/Contract. VenueBook supports the following Price Rules:

  • Per Person -  will calculate the entered price by the guest count - this is useful for Pre Fix meal packages e.g. Dinner Menu 1 is $50, when this line item is pulled into the Proposal/Contract the cost will calculate $50 x the entered guest count
  • Hourly - will calculate the entered cost by the number of hours indicated by the time frame of the line item - this is useful for anything that has an hourly charge such as staffing or overtime fees e.g. Coat Check is $25 per hour, when the line item is pulled in to the Event Details  section of Proposal/Contract it is set at 5 PM - 8 PM. The line item will automatically calculate 3 hours x $25 = $75
  • Per Person, Per Hour - will calculate the entered cost by the number of hours indicated by the time frame of the line item x  the number of guests - common for cocktail hour beverage packages. e.g Well open bar is $25 per hour, the time frame in the line item is 5 PM - 8 PM and the guest count is 10. $25 x 3 hours = 75, 75 x 10 guests = $750.
  • Per Item - will calculate a set cost x the number of items selected - this is useful for individual items ex. corkage fee, cookbooks
  • A la Carte - will allow each item in a section to have an individual cost, each item can then selected and a quantity indicated. The total cost will be the individual item cost x quantity indicated - this is useful for menu items ordered individually. 
  • None - the absence of a Price Rule and the default when a new section is created. This is typically only used within sub-sections.

Please Note - Even if a dollar amount is not assigned it is best to assign a Price Rule to a Top Line Section.

Please Note  - Hourly & Per Per Per Hour price rules require that the timing be adjusted on the Line Item. They will not adjust if the timing of the event is change under the Dates/Times section of the Proposal/Contract.

Please Note  - The Price Rule is set at the Top Line section and subsections can not have differing Price Rules. e.g. Dinner Menu 1's price rule is Per Person, the subsection Appetizer can not be price A La Carte.

To add or change a Price Rule click HERE

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