Helpful Terms to Know Before You Start


  • Status:  As you plan your event, the status will update automatically. Statuses are outlined below.

  • New:  A new lead or Inquiry has been made
  • Held: Proposal has been sent to a client  
  • Contracted: Proposal has been digitally signed by a client
  • Booked: Proposal has been signed, sent and payment has been taken  
  • Closed: An event has been reconciled


  • Event File - A digital folder that will include everything relative to the specific event you are coordinating e.g. proposal, contract, BEO, payment information
  • Calendar - Your go to destination to keep up with all things Events.
  • Dashboard - A place to view incoming Leads and Events
  • Leads - Event Inquiries
  • Messages - A place to send emails directly to your clients


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