SECTION 2 : Your Client's Experience

Your client will receive an automatic email sent from you through the VenueBook platform. This email will have a link to the proposal, which they will review.

If they would like to move forward with hosting the event, they will need to create a login (for security purposes) to view their Event File, which will include the ability to digitally accept and put down a payment.



Your client has two options after reviewing their proposal. They can Accept or Decline your proposal.


Your client can also send you a message regarding their event by clicking the message bubbles in their proposal. These messages will update in red when logged into the Event File and to the user’s (Venue Manager that is logged in) actual email. Please note, you cannot reply back to the email alert to reply to the client, you will have to reply back within the VenueBook platform.


Status Alert!  Contracted


If they Accept (which we hope they do!), a new window will appear which will allow them to digitally sign and accept the proposal. 


Payments Tab

From here, they will be taken to the Payment screen where they will be able to enter their credit card information to process the deposit scheduled.  


Status Alert!  Booked

  • After you have sent the proposal to your client and they have accepted and entered a credit card payment you will see this transaction listed in the Proposal with a date received, name on card, card type, last four digits and a receipt number.
    • Please note: You won’t ever have access to the full credit card number because VenueBook is PCI compliant and always maintains a secure environment to process credit cards.


At this point, besides finalizing any details of the event, the client is waiting for the event to happen. However, you have lots of planning to do! So, back to you, the Venue Manager..


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