Overview of Payments in VenueBook

The system defaults to a scheduled payment of a 50% deposit of the Total balance, unless otherwise edited in the Financial Setting of Venue Management. To do so go HERE. To edit the default deposit for a single Event File, select the gear button next to the deposit.  From here, you can also delete, send an invoice or charge payment.

    • Please Note: You can only send an invoice or charge a payment if the proposal has been sent and your client has entered a credit card via VenueBook or provided a credit card in person. VenueBook Lite users cannot.


After you have sent the proposal to your client and they have accepted and entered a credit card payment you will see this transaction listed below the scheduled payment with a date received, name on card, card type, last four digits and a receipt number.

    • Please note: You won’t ever have access to the full credit card number because VenueBook is PCI compliant and always maintains a secure environment to process credit cards.

To add a manually received payment (e.g. offline-POS, check, cash) select the +Add button then select ‘Received Payment’.


    • Please Note: You can edit and delete received payments by selecting the gear next to the manually received payment.
    • The Totals section under Payments will display the Total Balances.


To Reconcile the Final bill :

  • Go to the Proposal/Contract tab and add any food, beverage, or other incremental charges that may have occurred during the event.
  • Select the Gear next to the ‘Balance Outstanding’. A new window will display with the remaining balance.
  • Select the credit card from the drop down or enter a new credit card.
  • Add any necessary notes in the Notes field - these will be visible by the client.
  • Upload the POS receipt you would like to associate with the event - this will also be visible by the client.
  • Select the Charge Final Bill button.
    • Please note: If you are not charging the Final Bill in VenueBook, you will have to manually schedule a Final Bill payment and then add a received Final Bill payment.


**The Client’s Experience remains the same**

  1. When a Proposal is sent to a client from VenueBook and is accepted, they will be brought to the Payments tab within the Event File. From here, they will be able to enter their credit card information to process the deposit.
  2. The client will automatically receive an  email containing a link to their printable receipt and the transaction will be viewable in the Payments tab of their Event File along with the receipt #.
  3. When the Final bill is charged, your client will get an email alert with the final tally of their bill and a link to the printable version of their receipt. 
    • Please note: If a Venue Manager manually adds a payment in VenueBook, the client will not receive an email alert however, they will see the logged payment in their Payments tab along with the receipt #.
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