How do I add single-use line/menu items to my proposal/contract?

To add single-use items to the Proposal/Contract:

  • Select the Event File you would like to add menu/line items to.
  • In the Event File, select the Proposal/Contract Tab. If you have already Finalized & Emailed the Proposal you will need to select the Edit Proposal button on the upper right of your screen.
  • Scroll down to the Event Details section of the Proposal/Contract.
  • Select the + Add button.
  • (SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU ARE A LITE USER) In the pop-up window, where it asks you if you "Would like to load your data from an existing menu item or create a customized item?" Create Custom.
  • Select the type of item you would like to add.  Please note -  failure to correctly code an item could result in inaccurate financial information in your BEO, Totals Section, and Reports.
  • Enter the Item Name. Enter the Item Description (not mandatory).
  • Adjust the time frame for the item if it differs from the timing of the event.
  • Enter the Price and Quantity of the item. Enable a Discount if necessary.
  • Select the Taxes & Fees you would like to calculate on the item.
  • Select Save.

Please note - single-use line/menu items will not appear on the Menu tab of the Event File or be saved in your Menu Editor.


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