Helpful Terms to Know Before You Start

  • Leads - Event Inquiries
  • Event File - A digital file folder that will include everything relative to the specific event you are coordinating e.g. proposal, contract, BEO, payment information
  • Calendar - Your go to destination to keep up with all things Events
  • Dashboard - A place to view incoming Leads and Events
  • Messages - A place to send emails directly to your clients
  • Real Time Availability - The information used to determine if a venue is the correct fit for a client's request
  • Venue Profile Page - A unique marketing page showcasing the venue and it's event offerings. It is from this page, that a client may submit either an ExpressBook Lead or a Standard lead
  • Status -  The stage of planning in which your event currently exists. Within VenueBook there are six possible statuses. As you plan your event, the status will update automatically based on actions taken by you and your client. Statuses are outlined below:

    • New:  Once you have Accepted a standard lead, it becomes an event that will live on your Calendar and Events page. Additionally, a manually entered event begins in the New status
    • Held: When you select Sign & Send and the Proposal is sent to a client  
    • Contracted: Client has digitally Accepted and & Signed the Proposal making it a legally binding contract
    • Booked: Payment has been made and recorded in the Event File
    • Closed: Event has occurred and the Balance Outstanding is $0
    • Canceled: Event has been canceled by either client or venue manager and will be removed from the Calendar and Events page. Please Note - Canceled events can be searched for on the Events page and reactivated by manually adjusting the status.


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