What is Lead Confidence?

Whenever you receive a lead through, we provide a lead confidence rating with it. This rating is calculated using a variety of metrics:

  1. Is the event corporate or social? The system scores corporate events higher than social ones because they convert at a higher rate.
  2. What's the lead budget? If the lead budget is equal to or above your minimums, the lead will acquire more points.
  3. When is the event? Events that are quickly approaching will receive higher scores.

Combining these factors provides your lead confidence. You can find this in the top right-hand corner after clicking into a lead. Here are the different lead confidence ratings you can expect to see:

  • Low: Client is in the early stages of booking; they probably have a few questions before they proceed.
  • Medium: Client has an idea of what they want, but still has a few questions.
  • High: Client is ready to book ASAP! Send a proposal as soon as you can.
  • Very High: Client already selected their menu options and is waiting for your approval. They are ready!


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