Product Update June 2018

Over the last few weeks, we've been focusing on improving our dashboard and lead flow. With these adjustments, the process of accepting and declining leads is easy and intuitive. When you log in to your VenueBook account, you'll notice a few changes. Here's what they are and what they do.


  1. Full page for event detailsPreviously, a user could learn a little bit more about a lead by reading the quickview that popped out after clicking it. Now, clicking a lead brings you to a full page of event details. When you visit the event details, you'll notice that the timer is visible, the font is larger, and it's less cramped. It's easier than ever to find all the details for events. The best part? You don't have to accept a lead to learn more about it. Find out all the details right away!
  2. We'll guide you on the next steps: On the right-hand side of the event details page, you'll notice dropdowns answering any questions you might have about what happens next. We do our best to guide you by providing all the information you'll need. Because of this, we removed the "next action" column on the lead dashboard.
  3. Decline embedded form leads (Pro accounts only): Previously, users could not decline embedded form leads. Instead, users had to accept them and then cancel them. Now, you can decline the lead straight from the event details page!
  4. Lead source is easier to findOur earlier edition displayed the lead source directly on the dashboard. We found that people couldn't find it and didn't know the difference between the sources. With this updated version, the lead source is on the right-hand side of the full page event details.
  5. Clearly defined event statusesIt's important to know where your leads are in the pipeline. Our event statuses do just that. You can tell if a lead is brand new or if it's close to being booked. Read more about it here.
  6. Lead confidence ratings: We want you to know right away which leads are ready to book and which need more time. Our ratings combine a variety of metrics to provide you with key insights. Learn more about the lead confidence ratings here.





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